Back in January we took a quick trip to half moon bay. It was actually my Xmas gift to Pierre. I bought us a couple’s massage and a night in a cozy beachside hotel.The massage was truly the best I’ve ever had and watching the sun set over the water from the hot tub at our hotel was pretty magical as well.

The following day, we set out to explore the quaint little seaside town. We had shockingly good fish tacos and ate way too much salt water taffy. It was pretty much perfect.

We were really only gone for about 24 hours total and half-moon bay is actually just a quick 45 minute drive from our house, but even in such a short time it felt exactly as much like a vacation as it needed to.



I got that feeling this morning. An itch while I lay awake in bed. Something was not quite right. True, it is the last day of a long and relaxing vacation and that’s always a bit of a downer. But this was different. Like I had somehow fallen out of alignment with myself. Like the pieces of my psyche weren’t exactly fitting together. Not a tragedy. Just a small bother. Just enough to keep me from sleeping in on a Sunday.

I’ve had this feeling before. Many a time. I’m sure you have, too. For me, it’s always a signal that I need to take a few moments to myself, to look at where I am and where I’ve been. To unravel the knots and reassemble what’s been knocked out of place.

This morning, I got out of bed and I grabbed my computer. My intention was to journal a bit but I found my blog reader still open, exactly the way I left it when I fell asleep last night. My eyes scanned the two posts that were on the screen. Simple, small things, a few well chosen sentiments from a pair of women I’ve never met, never spoken to, never even commented on or tweeted at before. And of course, that was it. That was all the re-alignment I needed. As if the mysterious and magical internet had somehow tapped into my very own psyche and produced the advice I most needed to hear.

That’s as good a reason to write down words as any I can think of. Because of the chance that somebody might be listening. And because of the chance that they might need to hear.