Sutro Baths is one of the most special places on the planet. To me, because that’s where P asked me to marry him this past April, but I imagine it was pretty special before that, too.




For the record, I was totally surprised by his proposal and not expecting it in the least. As soon as I managed to wrap my brain around what was happening I instantly dissolved into hysterics, pretty much terrifying a group of tourists and onlookers who ran away as fast as their feet could carry them.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at outerlands. I barely remember my food except that it was delicious, but I will never forget the feeling of sitting there, gazing at my ring, still slightly dazed and feeling so loved, so safe, so warm, and perfectly, perfectly ecstatic.


tiny perfect moments


Lately, I’ve been enjoying things differently than the way that I used to. In my 28 years on this planet, I’ve never experienced as much ease, as much comfort or as much security as I have in the past couple of years. While this carries some pretty obvious benefits, I have to admit, I was actually surprised to notice the ways in which it has actually changed me.

Take for example Saturday nights. I used to feel that they were incomplete unless I was a.) completely inebriated in some form or another, b.) surrounded by a sizable group of people, preferably all of whom admired me or at the very least knew my name and c.) wearing glitter. But lately, I’ve been finding myself perfectly content to drink wine and eat takeout at home on Saturday nights. And not just content, but perfectly content and sometimes even a little bit awed by just how perfect and content these little things make me feel.

In short, my priorities are changing, and if these silly internet lists that keep haunting my facebook are to be believed than this is totally typical for everyone approaching 30. Honestly though, it doesn’t feel normal. It feels special. I would even go so far as to call it magical. Tiny, little moments of quiet, intimate perfection just keep popping up at the most unexpected times and the more I notice it, the more I feel compelled to at least try and document and share as much of it as I possibly can.

So I guess this is my way of setting an intention, or maybe even making an introduction. Welcome to a new phase of my life!