I got that feeling this morning. An itch while I lay awake in bed. Something was not quite right. True, it is the last day of a long and relaxing vacation and that’s always a bit of a downer. But this was different. Like I had somehow fallen out of alignment with myself. Like the pieces of my psyche weren’t exactly fitting together. Not a tragedy. Just a small bother. Just enough to keep me from sleeping in on a Sunday.

I’ve had this feeling before. Many a time. I’m sure you have, too. For me, it’s always a signal that I need to take a few moments to myself, to look at where I am and where I’ve been. To unravel the knots and reassemble what’s been knocked out of place.

This morning, I got out of bed and I grabbed my computer. My intention was to journal a bit but I found my blog reader still open, exactly the way I left it when I fell asleep last night. My eyes scanned the two posts that were on the screen. Simple, small things, a few well chosen sentiments from a pair of women I’ve never met, never spoken to, never even commented on or tweeted at before. And of course, that was it. That was all the re-alignment I needed. As if the mysterious and magical internet had somehow tapped into my very own psyche and produced the advice I most needed to hear.

That’s as good a reason to write down words as any I can think of. Because of the chance that somebody might be listening. And because of the chance that they might need to hear.